Confronting the Challenge of Innovation

From the day the Faculty of Agriculture was founded, its researchers and scientists were preoccupied with water – water that is easily, economically and efficiently accessible; water that can be used to grow more food for more people. Geography and climate dictated their need; concern for humanity compelled them to share their findings with the world.

Over the years, they focused on enhancing soil properties and fertility under conditions of intensive use. They created new breeds of plants – some that require little water for growth and others with a high tolerance to brackish water. Embracing the ecology of excellence, they invented innovative drip irrigation systems adopted the world over, developed healthy sources of protein, enhanced functional foods and naturally selected hybrid vegetables with improved shelf life.

These days, as global concerns focus on hunger, food safety and food security, the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment is at the forefront of the international effort to alleviate these difficult and distressing problems.

On its campuses, its experimental farm and at locations throughout Israel, and through intense involvement with creative colleagues around the world, the faculty and students at this unique Hebrew University institution are developing sustainable farming practices and improving the quality and purity of agricultural products in ways that literally change what, how, where and when we grow what we eat – while protecting the environment, preserving natural resources and enhancing ecosystems.

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