Education: Investing In The Future

A guiding ELSC doctrine is the belief that educating the next generation of neuroscientists in its hallmark approach is essential to the development of brain research; that true insight can be acquired by combining knowledge from many different fields – and that creating a cadre of scientists from a range of disciplines provides the best promise of creative and practical solutions to the complex problems the brain presents.

Its faculty-initiated Ph.D. Program in Brain Research reflects ELSC’s belief that a broad-based multifaceted education ensures future interdisciplinary collaboration. All students, regardless of their academic background, are required to become firmly grounded in both theoretical and quantitative methods, as well as in experimental neuroscience. The Program’s curriculum is designed to provide students with the theoretical and experimental tools to achieve groundbreaking advances.

With over 80 doctoral and post-doctoral students to date, the ELSC program is one of the world’s largest graduate programs in the field.

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