Consciousness And Cognition

The advent of advanced EEG and MRI brain-mapping imaging tools provides an insight into how the brain receives information and reacts to stimuli, enabling researchers to observe how the brain behaves while subjects are performing conscious actions.

Among current research projects are studies that focus on the disruption of information processing – dyslexia is a prime and widespread example of this disorder. ELSC research results are already being used to develop new treatments for dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Awareness is also being investigated by studying stroke patients with right-hemisphere damage. They may suffer from unilateral neglect – an inability to attend and respond to events and objects located on their left side. Other studies examine the remarkable ability of our brain to learn and classify new information, explaining how it is able to identify and categorize information from simple comparisons, how new categories may be identified and how we achieve expertise in identifying faces, names, letters and other objects.

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